“Thank you all for The Daily Encouraging Word. It definitely is a great way to start my day and has helped out in different situations. May God bless each of you.”

– Inmate in Virginia prison

“A friend of mine gets your magazine (daily devotional) and he is kind enough to share. Your words are truthful and inspiring. I was hoping to get my own copy if possible. Thank you and God bless.”

– Inmate in Kentucky prison

Thank you very much for your devotional. It’s hard to put in words what it means to me and my wife as we read it every day. The devotional imparts such wisdom and insight to God’s word as we read it along with our Bible. We sure need it to have a God inspired day!

– The Ohlmans in Florida

I have felt God’s presence through many trials and sufferings in my life. I hope to continue to stay close to God and Jesus. I have been studying the Bible and praying for you many years of my life. I hope to continue to learn more about the Bible and become a better, stronger Christian.

Roshenna, Online Partner (Her comments were in reference to How Has The Encouraging Word impacted your life?)

I’m writing to ask if I can be put on the mailing list for The Encouraging Word devotional. Another inmate here let me read it and I absolutely love it. I think we all in this world need an encouraging word to lift our spirits. Thank you and God bless.

Prisoner in Florida

I contacted the 24/7 prayer line to give a praise report. I wanted to end my life, but God was there for me and did not allow me to do it. I receive prayer for protection, deliverance from confusion, for direction, the ability to go into the theater and for provision in my career.

R.P in Texas

I just want to take a moment to thank you for the commitment to making my spiritual journey better. Though your efforts are making the spiritual lives of thousands of folks better, I feel like each and every devotional was written specifically for me. I am often, truly blown away when I read my devotional and it’s speaking to and on a situation that I would currently be going through. This, to me, is a reflection of the fact that we’re operating under One Spirit and as long as our spirits are in tune with God’s Spirit, these types of things will continue to happen.

Lenora in Missouri

Dear Family of God at The Encouraging Word, the last time I witnessed was at the place I go to renew my driver’s license. I told the lady that because I am almost 91 years old, it would probably be my last time to renew. When I started to leave I sang, “I’ve been changed, I’ve been reborn, all my life has been rearranged. What a difference it made when the Lord came to stay in my life. Oh, Yes! I’ve been changed. Then, I asked if she had been reborn. She said, Yes, I have! Praise God! Thanks for The Encouraging Word. It blesses my soul.

Billie in Louisana (Her comments were in reference to our April 2023 ministry letter where we asked, “When is the last time you shared your testimony with someone?”)

I just had to say, thank you for this beautiful encouraging word devotional today. So much needed and what peace flooded my soul as I read and praised God! Keep up the Good Work God has given to you! May our Heavenly Father bless and keep you!

Faye, Online Partner

I am just so grateful to be apart of your ministry. I want to thank you for your prayers, and the impact you have given me. I love the Encouraging Word devotional. It’s so powerful and so life-changing. I have gotten deeper into my relationship with God. It corrects me, guides me in the right direction, confirms what God has already said to me, and makes me want to become a better person by doing what is right. I am now in college. The Encouraging Word devotional had a big part of me making this decision to become a Christian counselor. Thank you for helping me with my Christian journey. God bless you. Thank you for allowing God to use you.

Female Prisoner in North Carolina

Just a note to say thanks for your love and labor. I been in prison for 30 years in North Carolina and now I am going home!! Praise the Lord! Please change my address. Thank you so much!

Randy in North Carolina

Thank you for this daily call (The Daily Encouraging Word devotional) to examine our Christian walk in today’s upside – down world. May the Lord bless you and your staff.

Peggi in Washington

Thank you for The Daily Encouraging Word email.

Langley in Virginia

I can’t tell you how many times the reading of the day answers a concern I wake up with. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your faithfulness to the Lord’s work. Please know that I will continue to pray and support The Encouraging Word. God bless you.

Nelliemae in Pennsylvania (supporter since 2006)

Thank you for having a team of prayer warriors available 24/7!

Katrina in Michigan

I found this ministry from my interest in searching Google. Reading devotionals by emails or online is difficult for me. We do not have these resources here. In my search I found a few places for print devotionals. Few never gave a reply to my email. Two of them did, one said they do not send anything outside USA, and the other one said they won’t be able to send without any donations. Lastly, I found you the day I wrote to you and I am really thankful to you for your kindness towards me. Thank you for sending The Daily Encouraging Word devotionals to me by mail.

Anonymous in Asia

Thank the Lord for The Encouraging Word devotional for all the years his people provide. I will be getting out of prison. Here is my new address. I pray I will be able to continue receiving the devotional. I will be sending the church donations that is well deserved for the continued Lords work that His children do. Amen

Eugene in South Carolina

I learned about The Daily Encouraging Word devotional years ago while watching TBN. I use it as supplemental study material to the Bible. My co-worker saw my little booklet and wanted it, so I am giving it to her. I need another print copy!

TL in Missouri

Let me know the cost of your devotional by mail. I would love to pass these out to friends, family and strangers. I would love to have a large number of copies in addition to a copy for myself. I will send a donation when possible. God bless your work it makes a real difference to so many.

Eric in Georgia

I apologize that all I have to give right now is gratitude. I am currently in jail, but none the less I want to personally thank everyone involved in the distribution ministry it is very much appreciated. I have had some people call me over and ask questions or make statements regarding The Daily Encouraging Word. If you all had not sent the booklets that would not have happened. Personally, I have been struggling with my faith before I got arrested, but the Lord has been pursuing me to turn back to Him and through others because personally I did not want to read, study or pray anymore, but obviously the Lord is stronger and wiser than I. So, He sat me down and put people around me with questions knowing that I cannot refuse the Word to anyone. So in conclusion, thank you very much.

Prisoner in Georgia Jail (Another prisoner mentioned our devotional to the chaplain and the chaplain requested copies to share with others in the jail and this is just one of the results!)

The Encouraging Word devotional has not only helped me daily but it has also helped me minister and encourage others to hold on to God’s Unchanging Hand. I have shared the devotions to with others and given them the address to subscribe and help out. Thank you so much your words have helped in many ways.

Prisoner in Florida

“Encouraging Word,” God bless your ministry! Thank you so much for all your love and labor.

Randy in North Carolina

As you know from my previous letters, I really enjoy this devotional. More than that, I know God truly speaks to me from it nearly every day. Amazing! It is my favorite of all time! God bless you in Jesus name. Thank you.

Prisoner in Texas

A friend/resident left a copy of The Daily Encouraging Word devotional in the library at my assisted living place. I began reading it the same day! I love the devotional and all version of translations of Bible used.

Marlene, Online Partner