About Us

Our History

The Encouraging Word was founded in 2004 as a way to reach people who may never walk through the doors of First Baptist by sharing Sunday’s messages of salvation and encouraging viewers to become involved in a local church.

ALIGHT, under the leadership of Dr. Mike Harder, builds upon the legacy of The Encouraging Word by proactively sharing God’s truth with a searching world. Based on the authority of God’s Word, we exist to illuminate Jesus Christ as the Answer.

Our Mission

All over the world people from different backgrounds, cultures, and religions are desperately searching for a place to belong, for answers, and for hope. They struggle with loneliness and a sense of despair that often lead them down destructive paths.

ALIGHT exists to provide answers by pointing people to the Only One who can change their lives – Jesus Christ. We exist to encourage, challenge, refresh, and disciple believers on their Christian journey. Our mission is to “Share God’s truth with a searching world.” 

Our Vision

To reach all people for Christ by all means possible.

Our Values

God’s Word as absolute truth. The local New Testament church. The souls of all people.

Our Mission

Sharing God’s Truth with a searching world.